Destination Price




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Business Instead of Game

1. Paying Homage
2. I Wanna Rock (J. BAIR/DJ Smitty mix)
3. Victorious! Feat. Da Ritt
4. 10 Rap Classics (Part 1)
5. Playas Anthem freestyle
6. "Stay Fresh. Stay Focused & Stay Real”
7. I’m Ready
8. All About The Benjamins (Level One
    radio freestyle)
9. Hood Banger #6 feat. Ra Dash, Rock On
    & Jfreshtadef
10.  “Two of the best”
11.  Harrisburg’s Finest feat. Craig Boogie
      & Dunn Deals
12.  Can I Talk To You (Family Tree Pt.1)13.  We In The House Yall feat. Craig
14.  One-On-One with Pennsylvania Sean
15.  Yo, He Nice! (Business Instead of
      Game version)
16.  Audacity feat. DJ Smitty
17.  This Is Hip Hop freestyle
18.  Spit My Game feat. J Saint
19.  “Intermission”
20.  Drugs, Baby feat. Niagra
21.  Exhibit BAIR



Entire Album in MP3 Format (Download) Only .99˘

90% Hustle, 10% Sleep

1."I'm a hustla"
2. You're Gonna Luv Me
3. Never Heard ft. Young Cream & Craig
4. They Hatin' ft. Dunn Deals & AL Cloud
5. Count This Cash (remix) ft. Ave Cloud &
    AL Cloud
7. HoodBanger #5 ft. Take Money, Sean
    Broxx, n.o.t.s, & Dunn Deals
8. I Just Might Be (produced by J. Wills)
9. "Be yourself"
10. Wanna Be (remix) ft. Ave Cloud
     {produced by C.L. Green}
11. "That's not HIP HOP"
12. H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics) {J. BAIR
13. "Let me holla at you"
14. Sex You Up
15. This Is It ft. AL Cloud & Ave Cloud
16. Gunshot Blast {J. BAIR mix}
17. "I got what you need" (amirh)
18. Goodbye {J. BAIR mix)
19. "I love you"
20. Like You Do ft. Lee Green
21. You're Gonna Luv Me pt. 2



Entire Album in MP3 Format (Download)
Only .99˘

1. Gunshot Blast {produced by E. Pinck for
    Headbanger Pro}
2. Trend Setter {produced by PremTouch}
3. Gunshot Blast (instrumental)
4. Trend Setter (instrumental)
5. Gunshot Blast (accapella)
6. Trend Setter (accapella)


Entire Album in MP3 Format (Download)
Only .99˘

H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics)

{album version} maxi single

1.   1.  H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics) ft. DJ Smitty
   {produced by Agnee}
2.   2.  Rap Scholar {produced PremTouch}
3.   3. H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics) (imstrumental)
4.   4. Rap Scholar (instrumental)
5.   5. H-I-P H-O-P (Back To Basics) (A capella)
6.   6.  Rap Scholar (A capella)



1. "Shoot a bootleger”
2.   Hard In Booth
3. I See Right Thru To You (freestyle)
 4. Million Bucks (freestyle)
5. Inkredible (Central PA mix) ft. Aganee, Phene, and Nino Maroon
 6. Hell Na {produced by PremTouch}
7. Never Was Feelin’ Them ft. Speedy & Craig Boogie
8. “Don’t even buy albums”
9. Triple Threat (freestyle) {produced by Q Da Beatz}
10. Bair, Broxx, and Blackston ft. Sean Broxx & Mr. Blackston
11. “Why wouldn’t you buy a bootleg?”
12. Hollywood Chick ft. Da Ritt
13. #1 Fan ft. Young Cream & Filthy Rich1
14. M.L.K. (Make ‘em Love Knowledge)
15. Now or Neva (freestyle)
16. There 4 U (freestyle)
17. “We goin’ worldwide”
18. F U (J. BAIR/PremTouch mix)
19. “Much respect”
20. The Cypher {produced by E Pink} ft. Candyman Xclusive, S Monz, J Bricks, and Filthy Rich


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